Strategic Management on Energy Studies and Green Projects, Design & Analysis of Electrical Machines, Commercialization, and Human Technology Interaction.
  • SuITe

    Non-technical IT application usage, Online Service Quality, Industrial Communication.
  • SIR-HD

    Innovation Management, Leadership, Communication, Talent Management, Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Counseling

    Communities, Development and Change, Ecosystem for Sustainable Development, Values and Practices in Sustainable Industrial Development
  • ISTE

    Various topics in fundamental and technologies disciplines, include OBE, PBL, TVET education, Personalized Learning, Assessment, computer assisted learning, etc.

    Entrepreneurship, Technology Management (Operations and SCM, HRM), Marketing (Customer Value, Consumer Behaviour), and Commercialization
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  • VISI CTeD adalah ingin menjadi peneraju pembangunan teknologi keusahawanan yang dikenali di peringkat antarabangsa content. Profesor Dr. Hanipah Binti Hussin[C-TeD Manager]
  • MISI CTeD adalah memartabatkan pembangunan teknologi keusahawanan melalui penyelidikan berkaitan human technology interaction, teknologi hijau, dan teknologi terkini. content. Dr. Haslinda Binti Musa[C-TeD Coordinator]
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